Trambisera Marmi srl was founded in 1974 by Mauro Biagi, who had also been the former co-founder of Biagi Mauro sas in 1955. In the Italian quarry, in Seravezza, Tuscany (LU), within an area known as Trambiserra, “open-air” cultivation is used, where planning and technology are currently enabling the realization of rough blocks, improving the production of such blocks in quantity as well as in quality. All is done in compliance with #environmental and #safety standards. Within the quarry, the following materials are currently extracted: Bardiglio TrambiserraBlue San NicolaBianco Trambiserra and Breccia Versilia. Quality, versatility, elegance and durability make these materials suitable for exterior and interior architectural solutions as well as for sculpture.

March 15, 1518 Michelangelo was in Pietrasanta, where, with a deed officialised by notary Giovanni di Paolo Badessi, he signed a contract for a supply of “…all and each type of marble which will be used on the facades of Santo Lorenzo de Florentia church” in Florence.

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